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About Our Group

Tryst Art is a group that was formed in 1999 by several local amateur artists.

It has proved so popular there is now a waiting list for new members.

We exhibit our work every year in the Oxgangs Library usually for the whole month of November and over the years many charities have benefited from members selling their work.

We are a self-help group but occasionally have an art lesson from a professional artist paid for out of group funds.

We are all retired and enjoy looking at each others work and having a chat at coffee break time.
Each year we normally have a January Challenge – where we paint a specific subject set by the chair person.
Throughout the year we try to arrange other events like visits to art galleries.


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Payments are monthly excluding December and January.

  • Each person pays monthly
  • £5.00
    All these values are correct at the time of publication.

Group Meeting Times

  • Day
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Monday
  • 10:00 am
  • 12:30 noon
    All these values are correct at the time of publication.

Group Events

  • Exhibitions
  • Gallery Visits
  • Partys

(no dates available at the moment)

Membership – Can I Join?

Our group is popular and can unfortunately only support a set number of members.
If we have spaces available we will update the following status and you can then use the form provided below to contact us.

We currently have a waiting list for membership – please use the form provided below to join it or to ask any other questions.

  • Group Membership Spaces
  • None Available
    All these values are correct at the time of publication.

Contact Form

If you wish to join our group, ask a question or simply send us a comment please fill in this form and we will respond as soon as possible.

  • The CAPTCHA Code is normally 4 digits long, if you cannot read it then press the small round refresh button to its right for a new CAPTCHA Code image.
  • The reset button will clear all data from the form.
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