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Website design and coding

This website’s design, its coding, its styles and associated elements, plus the images are all copyrighted by cactushead, unless expressed otherwise or implied by hypertext link. I have decided to reserve my rights on these works and are provided on a special licence to the Pentland Community Centre.


You are forbidden to create mirrors of our content or to hot-link our images or downloads without our permission. Should you find yourself in need of an image, download or some written content on the site, please get in touch with us by way of our Contact Us page, and tell us about your needs. We’ll see what we can do.

Backend Software

Our website is run using WordPress and various plugins to create an experience we hope you’ll enjoy.

We use third party services like MailChimp for our newsletter system, or Disqus, Google+ and Facebook for our comments system.

By using these third-party services our website does not require any of you to create your own user accounts at and therefore we do not collect and store any user information on our website. The added benefit is that most of you will already have accounts setup at one or more of these sites – like Facebook or Google+

Please visit their websites for more information about their services and we recommend that you read their terms and conditions prior to using them on our website.


We are hosted by 1and1, one of the worlds largest hosting companies.

1&1 are committed to doing their part to help support renewable energy programs and to minimise the impact that their business has on the environment.
1&1 use highly efficient power supplies with less than 20% heat loss.
Their centres around the world are among the most energy efficient in existence and their combined global initiatives allow them to prevent 30,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Site Disclaimer

This website is meant to work as advertised and deliver to you its written content as a minimum requirement. We can not guarantee this, though. We would however like to know if you are experiencing any problems in the use or accessibility of this website. You can communicate with us by any method provided on our Contact Us page. Also note that any external links may lead to websites which are less accessible than this site. If you’re one who requires web accessibility features, be forewarned.

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