Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to the brand new pentlandcommunitycentre.com

Although our website has been around for a couple of years, with the renovations at the centre we decided that the website should also get a complete refresh.

Along with the new look, the new website features a more complete experience for you.  This includes a calendar system, photos, downloads, newsletters, polls and social media updates.  Additionally, every group has their own page to tell you all about who they are and what they do as well as all the information about their group such as meeting days and times, prices, spaces available, photos, etc.

So I welcome you once again and invite you to have a look around. I hope you like the new improved site and visit again.

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  1. Cactushead 19 October 2013 at 7:23 pm Reply

    This is our new comments system.

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